Elect Her

Elect Her is a tiny but mighty organisation that works across Britain to motivate, support & equip women in all their diversity to stand for elected office in all spheres of Government, providing them with the knowledge, confidence, and skills they need to do it.  

Only 35% of elected representatives are women, but women make up 51% of the population. Our vision is for a world in which at least 51% of elected officials are women. When women have access to political leadership there are gains for the whole of society.

We demystify the process of standing for elected office, and support women at each stage of their political journey, with knowledge, confidence and skills. These stages are:

1. Getting Started in Politics – understanding democracy

2. Ready To Get Involved – working out how to participate in politics

3. Selection & Election – going through selection and election campaigns

4. In Elected Office - thriving as an elected representative

We do this by providing training, workshops, online resources and community for women. 

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