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Boys' and Girls' Club Wales
Boys' and Girls' Clubs of Wales is a national voluntary youth work organisation offering young people new and attractive opportunities through a full and varied programme of educational, cultural, sporting and social activities. ​From its beginnings in the 1920's, the organisation has developed into being recognised as one of the most progressive youth work organisations in the UK. The organisation continues to offer a service and support to young people throughout Wales in traditional boys' and girls' clubs, community youth clubs, clubs providing sports and activities. Today, we have a membership of over 100 clubs providing youth work and sport throughout Wales. We offer support and training to help young people to develop into responsible and valued members of their communities, ensuring all young people have equal access to these opportunities. ​Our staff team and volunteers support our member clubs with non-formal learning opportunities such as Safer Internet use, Football Against Racism in Europe, Coding and Raise Your Voice. is a dedicated space for young people so they can find out more about democracy in Wales, including how to vote, what the different political parties stand for and how politics affects their everyday lives. The Raise Your Voice project aims to reach all young people throughout Wales, including young people experiencing discrimination / marginalisation reaching under registered groups by delivering workshops.