Shout Out UK

Shout Out UK (SOUK) is a multi-award winning creative social enterprise on a mission to defend and amplify democracy by ensuring all citizens understand how their government functions through political literacy, are inoculated from disinformation and misinformation through media literacy and are given a chance to have a say in how their country is run through our own youth voice platform and various programmes.

SOUK has run some of the largest city-wide voter registration and voter awareness campaigns in the democratic world. Furthermore, its education programmes on Media & Political Literacy have been utilised to combat disinformation and extremism nationwide through Prevent, as well as translated into various languages and utilised in multiple countries.

SOUK has worked with a number of clients, including, but not limited to; the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the Greater London Authority, the US Embassy in London, the US State Department and NATO.