Constitution Society Explainers on UK Political Systems

A collection of slide decks and articles specifically designed for A level politics and early undergraduate level students to support them to deepen their understanding of a range of issues around UK Political systems. 

Direct Democracy Explained (Website)
UK Constitution Explained (Website)
Electoral Systems Explained (Slide Deck)
Rights Explained (Website)
UK Parliament Explained (Website)
The UK Executive Explained (Website)
Devolution Explained (Website)
The Judiciary Explained (Website)
Devolution Explained (Slide Deck)
Direct Democracy Explained (Slide Deck)
Electoral Systems Explained (Website)
Rights Explained (Slide Deck)
The Judiciary Explained (Slide Deck)
The UK Executive Explained (Slide Deck)
UK Constitution Explained (Slide Deck)
UK Parliament Explained (Slide Deck)